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Category: Pinnacle Insider Club

    TUESDAY TIPS | Episode 17

    By Lawton Makovec | June 9, 2020

    Tune in this week and dive into what makes some homes sell overnight – and what makes others grow stale on the market. For even more content – visit us at ?? JOIN THE “PINNACLE INSIDER CLUB” – text ‘PRG’ to 319-96 ?   Read More

    Tuesday Tips | Episode 6

    By Lawton Makovec | January 14, 2020

    This week – Kyle shares his insight on DIY projects around the house! For even more content – visit us at ?? JOIN THE “PINNACLE INSIDER CLUB” – text ‘PRG’ to 319-96 ?   Read More

    Quick Tips for the Easiest Move Ever

    By Lawton Makovec | December 11, 2019

    Whether you’re moving out on your own for the first time, relocating to a different location, or moving in with a roommate or your significant other, you might just be ready to pull out your hair from the never-ending to-do list to prepare for the big move. Does it give you a headache just thinking about it?  Well, you’re not... Read More

    I Want To Be THAT House

    By ADMIN PRG | November 14, 2019

    For as long as I can remember our house has been one with an open door policy. Long before kids were ever even thought of, friends gathered here more often than not and you never knew when someone would pop in. Admittedly, it was my husband who created this feeling in our home and it... Read More

    Wichita Real Estate Podcast – Ep 1 | What to Expect When You’re INSPECTING

    By Lawton Makovec | November 11, 2019

    Wichita Real Estate Podcast | Episode 1 Hey Insiders! For our first podcast episode, we are joined by Eric Robinson with Great Plains Inspection Company to get the details on home inspections, common myths debunked, and what to expect from your inspection. Read below or watch the video for more details and tidbits from Eric!... Read More

    How To Buy a House – in LESS than 60 Seconds!

    By Lawton Makovec | October 31, 2019

       Buying a house seem daunting? Intimidating? Not sure where to start? Fear not – we’ve got you covered. Follow these steps, and the home buying process will be simple, easy – and even a little fun! 🙂   1. Mortgage Pre-Qualification Before we can do anything else – we need to know ad... Read More

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