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How To Buy a House – in LESS than 60 Seconds!


Buying a house seem daunting? Intimidating? Not sure where to start?

Fear not – we’ve got you covered.

Follow these steps, and the home buying process will be simple, easy – and even a little fun! 🙂


1. Mortgage Pre-Qualification

Before we can do anything else – we need to know ad understand what our budget is. Having a “Pre-Qualification” letter in-hand before we start looking at homes, puts you ahead of the game and able to pull the trigger on your dream home – knowing you have already have the financing lined up.


2. Buyer Consultation

Next, you’ll meet with your agent at our office and review the homes available for sale, that fit within your budget and criteria. We want to ensure we use your, and our time – in the most efficient way we can.


3. Buyer Showings

Now that we know which ones you want to look at – we’ll coordinate directly with your schedule to set up the showings – giving us approximately 30 minute – 1 hour time blocks to go inside each of the homes, weigh the pros & cons, and discuss with you how they fit into your specific needs.


4. Contract Process

WOO! We found the one! With your mortgage pre-qualification letter in hand – we’re ready to write an offer and begin the contract negotiation process! Our expert insight and market knowledge positions our team to navigate this process with ease and efficiency.

Rest assured knowing that when we find the one – we’ll get you home.


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