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Andover Real Estate

Originally founded in 1880, and called “Cloud City” at that time, the City of Andover wasn’t established until 1957.

However, most people will say Andover became the “booming” metropolis it is today as a result of having to rebuild after a historic F5 tornado slammed into the heart of Andover on April 26, 1991, sweeping away entire neighborhoods, leaving thousands homeless.

That unfortunate incident literally reshaped Andover. The members of the community rallied and came together as the town began rebuilding from the ground up. Literally. Streets, sewers, and water lines were all updated, allowing for and encouraging new development. It was then that Andover began to become more enticing to those who wanted to be away from the hustle and bustle of the “big city” of Wichita, and wanted to be a part of a community with that “small town” feel.

Andover is a growing community with a population of just over 12,000 that encompasses a land area of about 11 square miles. Andover brings together the best of big city proximity and small town safety. Children will enjoy top-notch education as our school district is continually recognized for its excellence in academia, sports, and the arts.

Andover has been ranked “Best City for Young Families”, and “Best City for Home Ownership” in Kansas!