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Goddard Real Estate

Like many Kansas communities, Goddard grew out of the Kansas prairie largely as a result of the colonization movement following the Civil War. In 1862, the Homestead Act offered free land to any adult citizen, or alien intending to become a citizen. Many Union Army soldiers and immigrants took advantage of this offer. Sedgwick County was organized in 1867, and by 1870 its present boundaries were established. Wichita became the county seat with the first railroad reaching there in 1872.

Goddard is located in the South Central part of Kansas just west of Wichita on US-54/400 Highway in Sedgwick County. Goddard is a fast growing community and was recognized as the fastest growing city in Kansas by the U.S. Census in 2010. As a city we strive to provide the best in quality to our residents, both in community as well as city services. Whether you are a current resident, visitor, or considering moving to Goddard, our city staff and employees are ready to serve you. It’s all about quality!